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Derrick Coyle

Derrick Coyle

Silver Fox Wise is the product of many years of interest in writing, and some practical exposure to it along the way. The interest originally met with opportunity in the late-seventies, when I was “hired” as Sports Editor and scribe for my employer’s quarterly news publication. I’ve since been involved heavily with on-the-job business writing over the past several decades, and with the scripting of a number of speeches for occasions and life events of family and friends.

Through the years, I’ve enjoyed the process of putting thoughts to paper and have attempted to do it in a coherent and engaging way. Having achieved a reasonable return in positive feedback, it seemed a relatively safe assumption that I’ve developed at least a passable level of competence.

My voluntary retirement in June 2013 – after 35 years employed with a general insurance company – presented me with an opportunity to explore this interest further for at least recreational purposes, and perhaps an eventual foray into the literary marketplace.

In the process of considering what the focus of this blog should be, I quickly concluded there was really no “specialty” area for me that would generate a meaningful volume of material. Instead, I recognized that I am a member of a very large group of baby boomers navigating its way through middle age. There was clearly a much broader base of common ground for a generation of men and women travelling down the same demographic road.

It is on that premise that I plan to steadily populate categories shown in the banner of this blog with stories and reports of personal experience or objective observation. I’ll cover topics and events related to the opportunities, challenges, and realities of our generation. I hope you will find posts that are relevant, entertaining, informative, or otherwise of some interest to you. As is part of the fun with a blog, I’d also love to hear your comments, or your own experiences with the various topics, as we go.

Special thanks to my wife, Sue, who has been my biggest fan in this pursuit and an unwavering supporter of the interesting little idea I had to retire at age 55 and trade in a full-time management position, for an entry-level creative interest. To my daughters, Sara and Erin (designer of the SFW logo), who make me immeasurably proud and keep me motivated. And, to my older brother Jim, who is the real writer in the family, an inspiration to me, and likely semi-responsible for this writing interest of mine.


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