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Retired, Relaxed, Ready!

Derrick Coyle

Derrick Coyle

“If the young only knew; if the old only could” muses the French proverb. Life’s ironic balance between wisdom and ability becomes more evident with the passing of time. From the perspective of a freshly retired 55-year-old, it seems there is a period of undetermined length in middle age, that provides an opportunity to enjoy the best of both worlds. A time to apply the wisdom gathered in a half century of life lessons, while still being sufficiently energetic and fit to enjoy some of it’s adventures.

In this sandwich stage of life – with many of us busily positioned between adult children, grandchildren, and health-failing parents – we have a unique perspective that allows for a measure of recollection, understanding, and appreciation of both directions in the life cycle. At this stage, we’re young enough to remember the promises, joys, and challenges of youth. Many of us have raised children and find ourselves adjusting to a new dynamic at home. We have ended, or are approaching the end of our working lives. We’ve experienced, in many cases, the loss of parents. We’ve witnessed, close up, the harsh and inevitable realities facing the elderly as bodies or minds weaken and medication and health care dependency become part of life.

This blog will provide a series of stories and perspectives from personal experiences and observations involving childhood, adulthood, and middle age. It will share some views on transitioning out of the workplace through the eyes of a new retiree. It will offer some thoughts on parenting, and life changes for empty nesters. It will discuss some of the wins, losses, and adjustments the mid-life brings to sports, fitness, and recreation. It will explore the impact of technology and the meteoric growth of social media. It will also examine the realities and prospects for the senior years as the baby boom bulge makes it’s way toward old age.

I hope some of these posts will be found humourous and entertaining, and others, poignant and enlightening.


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